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Search your chatbot users’ conversations

Last updated: 06 December 2022 #

Looking for a specific conversation? Perhaps for interested in finding all the conversations where your chatbot users mention a specific topic? Learn to effectively sift through thousands of conversations with our filters.

Step 1: Find your conversations #

You can find your chatbot conversation in Analyse → Conversations.

By default, this page displays all the conversations between your regular chatbot users and your chatbot.

> A regular chatbot user is a user talking to a deployed version of your chatbot. The opposite of a regular user is a demo user, which is a user who talks to the demo version of your chatbot (inside your platform).

Step 2: Learn the available filters #

In the top right, click Filters.

– User type: pick between conversations with regular or demo users.

  • Filter by last message sent or conversation started: will impact your date filters to the date the user sent their first message or their last message to your chatbot.
  • Subscriber ID: enter a specific subscriber ID.
  • Keyword: enter a word or group of words. Words need to have at least three characters. The filter will apply to all messages, sent or received.
  • Start: enter a date and time.
  • End: enter a date and time.

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