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Randomise your chatbot’s FAQ answers

Last updated: 19 December 2022 #

Randomise your chatbot’s FAQ answers to keep interactions fresh.

When you set up multiple answers and turn randomisation on, if a user was to ask that same question multiple times, they will receive a variation of an answer at random. This approach is an excellent way of adding some variety to the bot and giving it a more human-like response.

Randomisation correlates to the number of answers you write. For example, if an FAQ has three answers, each of them has a 33% chance of being sent.

Step 1: Enable random responses #

Go to Knowledge → FAQs.

On your chosen FAQ, go to Answers.

Toggle the Random Responses option to On.

Step 2: Create additional FAQ answers #

Add multiple FAQ answers by clicking the + Add New button on the preview widget on your chosen FAQ answer page.

What happens if random responses is turned off? #

When turned off, an FAQ with multiple answers will deliver all messages to the user one after the other as follow up messages.

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