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Schedule broadcast messages to your chatbot subscribers

Last updated: 16 February 2023 #

Broadcast are one-way messages to everyone currently using your chatbot. You can send a broadcast immediately or schedule them for later.

Step 1: Create your broadcast message #

Go to Engage → Broadcasts.

Craft your message by selecting a type, a composer, and writing your copy.

If you’re happy to send your broadcast immediately, hit Broadcast message.

(Optional) Step 2: Schedule your broadcast message #

To schedule a broadcast for a later date, untick Send now.

Using the date and time picker, schedule your broadcast.

Step 3: Manage scheduled broadcasts #

In the top right of the Broadcast section, click Your scheduled broadcasts.

Here you can delete, edit and immediately send your scheduled broadcasts.

> Broadcast messages do not interrupt live chat conversations. The user will receive the message once their live chat session has ended.

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