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In the competitive mortgage industry, staying ahead involves not just understanding clients’ needs but also leveraging technology for efficiency and accuracy. presents a comprehensive AI-driven solution, tailored specifically for mortgage brokers. This platform stands out by integrating seamlessly with a range of software, enhancing every aspect of the mortgage process from client interaction to data management.

Revolutionising Mortgage Brokerage with AI:’s AI system is a game-changer in mortgage brokerage. It assists brokers in finding the right mortgage options for their clients by analysing vast datasets and user inputs. This ensures clients receive personalized, accurate mortgage recommendations quickly.

CRM Integrations for Streamlined Client Management:

  • Agile CRM:’s integration with Agile CRM automates client interactions and follow-ups, ensuring no lead is missed.
  • Follow Up Boss: This integration enables efficient lead tracking and management, enhancing client engagement.
  • Freshsales: connects with Freshsales for a unified view of client data, improving customer relationship management.
  • Insightly: By integrating with Insightly, enhances project management and helps in tracking client interactions effectively.

Data Management and Reporting Tools:

  • EasyCSV & Google Sheets: These integrations allow to handle bulk data processing, making mortgage comparison and calculations more efficient.
  • Grist & Microsoft Excel: Integrating these tools aids in sophisticated data analysis and report generation, crucial for informed mortgage advising.
  • & Google Tasks: connects with these platforms for better task organization and reminders, ensuring brokers stay on top of their workflow.

Task Management with Todoist: integrates with Todoist, allowing mortgage brokers to manage tasks efficiently. From creating tasks from emails to retrieving upcoming tasks through the chatbot, this feature ensures smooth operation and time management. stands at the forefront of technological advancement in mortgage brokerage. By integrating with these diverse platforms, it not only simplifies the process of finding the right mortgage for clients but also streamlines overall workflow management.

Transform the way you handle mortgage brokerage with Learn more about our cutting-edge platform and discover how it can cater to your specific needs. Book a meeting or explore our pricing options at Join us in embracing the future of mortgage brokerage with AI-driven efficiency.

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