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Create call-to-actions

Last updated: 16 June 2023 #

The call-to-action is the equivalent of your chatbot waving and saying “Hey, need a hand?”

When enabled, a call-to-action appears as a speech bubble alongside your minimised converse widget launcher.

Our research shows that enabling call-to-action improves the number of interactions with chatbots.

To get started, go to Engage → Channels. In the list of channels, find Converse and hit Options.

Step 1: Enable your call-to-action #

In the Call to Action settings tab, toggle Show call to action on.

This activates the additional options and will generate a generic preview of how your call to action will appear on the right-hand side.

Step 2: Change your call to action background colour #

Customise your call-to-action’s background colour by choosing one of the preset colours or adding your own hex code. The preview launcher will update on the right-hand side to show your changes in real-time.

Step 3: Configure your call-to-action text #

You can create and configure multiple call-to-actions that can be triggered at different times.

For an optimal call-to-action experience, limit your text to two lines.

To create your first call-to-action, click the + Add New button in the Configured Call to Actions area.

Give your call to action a description. This helps you differentiate between call-to-actions should you choose to create more than one.

Next, write the message you would like to show. A preview of this will generate in real-time.

Finally, choose when to show your call-to-action by creating a trigger. If you are using a single call to action and would like to show this all of the time, use the 

all the time

 trigger (as displayed above).

Once complete, simply click Save.

Step 4: Edit or delete a call-to-action #

All your call-to-actions are listed in the Configured Call to Actions area.

To edit existing call-to-actions, click Edit.

To delete a call-to-action, click the Bin icon.

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