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Revolutionize Your Customer Interaction with Ivah's Advanced AI Chatbots
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What is  Ivah?

Ivah is your ultimate all-in-one AI Assistant. Seamlessly integrate Ivah into your website, mobile app, scheduling software, and social media platforms.

Discover the power of omnipresent communication with Ivah. Our platform is expertly designed to integrate effortlessly with essential systems and platforms, from your frontline website to critical internal software, guaranteeing a unified communication experience across every touchpoint. Experience unparalleled operational harmony with Ivah’s multi-channel prowess.

At Ivah, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our platform offers unrivaled customization options to weave into the very fabric of your business infrastructure. Whether it’s aligning with your website’s unique flair or dovetailing into your bespoke internal tools, Ivah molds to your needs, ensuring seamless synergy in your business ecosystem.

Elevate your customer interactions with Ivah’s advanced AI. Ivah transforms your digital touchpoints into dynamic conversations, ensuring each customer query is met with precision and relevance, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Ivah redefines operational efficiency by automating tedious tasks. From seamless data handling to intricate scheduling, Ivah integrates intelligence into every workflow, liberating your team to focus on growth and innovation.


Providing useful features for customers

Access valuable insights into customer behavior,  identify areas for improvement, manage support  requests and make data-driven decisions.

Fully Customisable

Build With Ease With Drag and Drop Builder

Integrate Using Prebuilt Channels, API, Spreadsheet Integrations or Webhooks.

Multiple Automation Tools


Payment Gateways

Securely process credit card or other electronic payment methods by using payment gateways.

Amazon Pay
Google Pay
Apple Pay
Volume Based

Flexible Plans

Charge your customers based on their needs and Increase your conversion rates.

How many words do you need?


How many wordsdo you need?

Volume Based

Flexible Plans

Charge your customers based on their needs and Increase your conversion rates.

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How many wordsdo you need?


Our Features

Fully Customizable

Your brand, your voice, your assistant. Ivah champions complete customization, enabling you to personalize every aspect, from functionality to your assistant’s persona. Create an AI that’s as unique as your business.

Easy to edit

Simplicity is the soul of efficiency. Ivah is crafted for ease, offering in-platform tutorials and ready-made templates for effortless customization. Transform your assistant with just a few clicks – no tech expertise needed!

Integration Manager

Unlock unparalleled support with Ivah's dedicated Integration Manager. Your personal guide through the intricacies of seamless system integration, available for every package, ensuring a perfect sync with your existing ecosystem.

Multiple Data Sources

Amplify your chatbot's acumen with eclectic data from diverse platforms, enriching its conversational prowess.


Sculpt your chatbot’s aesthetics to echo your brand’s essence, ensuring seamless integration with your digital presence.


Empower your chatbot with continuous learning, ensuring its responses evolve alongside your ever-growing data.


Merge your chatbot into your digital workspace, connecting seamlessly with tools that power your productivity.

Custom Branding

Brand your chatbot solution as your own, boasting a seamless user experience under your bespoke domain.

Privacy & Security

Guard your data within fortresses of encryption, where privacy and control are paramount.

Powerful AI Models

Harness the might of advanced AI models, you have the freedom to choose which AI Model your Business uses to elevate your chatbot intelligence.

80+ Languages

Converse globally with multilingual proficiency, breaking barriers and bonding with customers in their native tongue.


Customer Support

Experience swift query resolutions, available 24/7, with personalized assistance tailored to your customers' needs.

Lead Generation

Set your chatbot to collect leads and qualify them, all while providing a personalized experience to your customers.

Advanced Analytics

Get insights into your chatbot’s interactions with your customers and use them to improve its performance.

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Pricing Plans

Affordable. Flexible.


Trusted by hundreds.

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