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Delete your user’s data

Last updated: 15 June 2023 #

The platform collects and retains information on every users who speaks to your chatbot.

You can view, export, and delete this data from the platform.

Deleting a chat transcript deletes all data associated with the user and is IRREVERSIBLE.

Step 1: Delete a single user data #

This document covers the steps that allow a platform user to delete a user’s data on their behalf. To learn to activate the data deletion feature inside the chatbot, allowing your users to do this themselves, please refer to this doc: ALLOW CHATBOT USERS TO DELETE THEIR DATA.

To delete user data, go to Analyse → Conversations.

Find the conversation you’d like to delete (LEARN TO USE THE FILTERS) and click Three dots → Delete.

Step 2: Delete multiple multiple user data #

Use the tickboxes on the left to select multiple rows and click Delete in the banner that appears at the bottom of your screen.

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