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Create custom chatbot metrics

Last updated: 05 December 2023 #

Creating custom metrics gives you the ability to track exactly what you need to monitor the performance of your chatbot.

Step 1: Create a custom metric #

Go to Analyse → Custom Metrics.

Click + New metric.

Give your custom metric a name.

Click Save.

Step 2: Apply your custom metric to a conversation step #

To use your newly created metric, you must tie it to a conversation step. When a user reaches that step in the conversation, the metric’s value will increment by one.

Head to Builder.

Select a conversation.

Open your Block bank. Click, drag, and drop a Metric in transition between the two steps.

Choose your custom metric from the available list and then click Save.

Metrics can also be tied to a conversation’s TRIGGER, using the same process.

Step 3: View your custom metric in action #

To see your metric in action, simply EDIT YOUR DASHBOARD and add your custom metric.

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