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The only all-in-one customer service solution you need.

Your comprehensive solution blending AI-driven chat services, an efficient help desk, and proactive customer engagement tools to minimize expenses, elevate team morale, and guarantee customer satisfaction every time

Reach Everywhere

Engage users across all platforms with our Multi-Channel Support, from social media to voice assistants. Embed our chat on your site with Widgets or create immersive experiences with Full-Page Integration. With seamless functionality across desktop and mobile, your audience is never out of reach. Connect, engage, and excel with is your gateway to universal connectivity!


Build With Ease

Easily build engaging, intuitive dialogues through a user-friendly Conversation Builder. Imagine automating your workflows like a breeze, defining exact triggers for bot actions, and having the option to smoothly transition control to a human agent when required. Enrich your user interactions with diverse message formats, ensure absolute data precision with customizable validation rules, and elevate with dynamic variables.



Our platform integrates profound knowledge, enabling your bot to respond with expertise. Harness Natural Language Processing for interactions, manage FAQs, and engage in Small Talk with ease. Import content effortlessly from documents or the web, and maintain exclusive authority with Gated Content Access. You’re unlocking a world of seamless, intelligent, and controlled customer engagement.


Revolutionize your workflow with Ivah’s AI-driven help desk

Centralize communication by integrating your inbox, support tickets, and knowledge base, all in one productivity-enhancing dashboard


Resolve 90% of customer queries instantly

Instantly address almost all of your customer inquiries with Ivah, our advanced AI chatbot. Utilizing cutting-edge AI, Ivah provides trustworthy and precise responses, lightening your team's load by significantly reducing ticket volume on the spot.


Your AI chatbot, Ivah, is engineered with precision, delivering accurate, on-brand responses. It steers clear of irrelevant replies, keeping the focus on your curated support conten


Ivah seamlessly transitions complex queries to live agents, ensuring a smooth and superior customer experience.


With Ivah's intuitive Workflows, you can craft robust, code-free automations, enhancing the efficiency of both customer interactions and team operations.


Deploy Conversational Support to Your Customers using our Multichannel Integrations

Our Platform supports your customers with instant help through your website, social media, SMS and More, You pick which channels are best for your business

Engage with your Customers

Your Brand, Your Voice, Your Custom AI Chatbot

Unique Experiences. Yet Consistent:

Provide each and every customer with personalised support and make them feel like your only customer


Bring your custom AI Chatbot to your mobile app with our custom integration.

Omnichannel Deployment

Support customers using their chosen channel - whether it's SMS, Social Media or your website.


Seamlessly switch between AI and Human support to always provide the highest level of quality to your customers

Behavioral Data

Create the best customer experience at all times by gathering real-time data insights into what your customers want and how best to serve them.

Integrate all your tools in one place, working as one; using our robust drag and drop automation features with 20+ integrations and counting + API integration, Webhook Integration and Spreadsheet integration

APIs and webhooks

Configure Ivah to work best for you with our API Integrations, Webhooks and Spreadsheet integrations all working together with your custom AI Chatbot and No-Code Drag and Drop Builder

Boost YourEngagement

Boost YourEngagement

Boost YourEngagement

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