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Revolutionize Your Restaurant's Customer Interaction with Ivah's Advanced AI Chatbots


Resolve 90% of customer queries instantly

Instantly address almost all of your customer inquiries with Ivah, our advanced AI chatbot. Utilizing cutting-edge AI, Ivah provides trustworthy and precise responses, lightening your team's load by significantly reducing ticket volume on the spot.

Discover the power of omnipresent communication with Ivah. Our platform is expertly designed to integrate effortlessly with essential systems and platforms, from your frontline website to critical internal software, guaranteeing a unified communication experience across every touchpoint. Experience unparalleled operational harmony with Ivah’s multi-channel prowess.

At Ivah, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our platform offers unrivaled customization options to weave into the very fabric of your business infrastructure. Whether it’s aligning with your website’s unique flair or dovetailing into your bespoke internal tools, Ivah molds to your needs, ensuring seamless synergy in your business ecosystem.

Elevate your customer interactions with Ivah’s advanced AI. Ivah transforms your digital touchpoints into dynamic conversations, ensuring each customer query is met with precision and relevance, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Ivah redefines operational efficiency by automating tedious tasks. From seamless data handling to intricate scheduling, Ivah integrates intelligence into every workflow, liberating your team to focus on growth and innovation.


Customer Query Resolution

Instantly address customer inquiries, improving shopping experience.

Product Recommendations

Offer personalized product suggestions based on customer browsing and purchase history.

Cart Abandonment Reduction

Engage with customers to understand and address reasons for cart abandonment.

Upsell and Cross-sell

Smartly suggest additional products or upgrades to enhance customer purchases.

Customer Feedback Collection

Automatically gather and analyze customer reviews and feedback.

Inventory Management Assistance

 Notify customers about product restocks or new arrivals.

Return and Exchange Support

Simplify and automate the returns and exchange process for customers.

Multilingual Customer Support

Communicate with customers in their native language for global reach.

Virtual Assistant for Shoppers

Guide customers through their shopping journey for a seamless experience.